sit comfortably

sit comfortably

sit comfortably


Currently, with the passage of time and the continuous growth of the variety of different travel products (certain production group), different models and modes of the same product are designed and produced by considering the situation and needs of the people.
One of these products needed by people, in which we see a lot of variety today, is a comfortable seat support, which is designed and marketed in various models and sizes.
Because this product is foldable and does not have a base, it helps to save space in the car, house or room.
One of the important characteristics of this product is its convenient opening and closing, and even when you are at home and need chairs other than the sofa and the comforts available at home, it fits you comfortably and takes up the least amount of space.

In general, according to the cover (bag), it is easier to transport.
Of course, due to the fact that Moslem Production Group is the leader in changing and diversifying travel products, with the help of industrial designers, the part behind this support was changed and produced in the form of a poker part, which according to the use of 20 tube and 8 thickness maswar and first-class Somit fabrics with thick embroidered tape made it bear 120 kg weight.
Considering the import of this product in the past years, we are happy that we were able to prevent its import with domestic production and better quality than foreign counterparts.
Variety in sync with the production of a constant slogan

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