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Yavand chair

Yavand chair

Yavand chair

Moslem Production Group industrial trading company with Yavand Afra Moradian brand
In 1402, according to the people’s need for the small size of their travel accessories, with the help of industrial designers and experienced forces and seeing domestic and foreign samples with striking changes in a series of disadvantages of this product, they started to produce this chair named Yavand with the best Materials available in the industry
But one of the favorite features of this chair is that it is ergonomic and easy to install.
Most of the fans of this product are off-road, camping, nature tourism and adventure groups.
Description :

• Nano tarpaulin fabric in two layers
• Ability to fold to occupy less space
• It has a larger seat than similar domestic and foreign products
• Easy to wash both metal and fabric
• With galvanized iron resistant to moisture
• Ability to bear a lot of weight
• It has a cover for easy carrying, and according to the design of the cover and the viscose sewn into the product, it will allow the consumer to use it as a pillow.


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