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Patterned beach chair

Patterned beach chair

Patterned beach chair

A folding chair is one of the accessories that can be considered one of the necessities of travel due to its easy transportation.

This chair takes up very little space after folding, so you can use it while traveling.

The folding chair is produced in different dimensions and its material is usually tarpaulin or polyester fiber.
A folding chair is one of the accessories that is very useful especially in traveling. It is clear .

These chairs take up little space due to their ability to be folded, and they can be easily carried with you. This is the feature that distinguishes this chair from other models.

One of the best ways to sit is in a position where the back has some angle to the seat so that there is less pressure on the back. Considering all these issues, FIT Design 1 folding travel chair has been designed and produced in such a way that you can experience more comfort by using it during travel.

The body of this chair is made of an iron frame, which creates a very strong structure; So that environmental pressures will have much less impact on the quality of your chair. Of course, it should be kept in mind that even though iron is a strong metal, it has a lot of weight, and this issue has made this chair heavier than other products of its class.

The seat and support of this chair are made of a canvas fabric that uses nano technology. The nano technology used in the fabric of this chair will prevent the fabric from changing color and rotting due to continuous exposure to sunlight, so that you can use this chair for a long time. Also, the top fabric of this chair is completely embroidered to its metal body so that the pressure applied on it does not cause the top fabric to separate from the body of the chair.

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