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Summit chair

Folding travel chair

Summit chair


Folding chairs, which today are also known as travel or beach and camping chairs, are one of the types of outdoor chairs. These chairs are usually designed for outdoor use. Collapsible and light weight products are its most important features. But the feature of travel seats is not limited to this feature, they have other benefits and applications
For example, this example of a chair with a handle has a tube of 20 and a thickness of 80, which can bear a lot of weight
Anti-sweat fabric is used and there is a wide variety of colors
One of the best features of this chair is its easy opening and closing
Of course, considering that this product will be used by all sections of the society, we have used the best materials to make it.

Certainly, many people are interested in traveling, but because there are not enough amenities in many natural tourism destinations, they refrain from this goal. There are many people who need a comfortable seat during their trip, and considering the limited time that everyone has when traveling, having this type of chair will definitely help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Available in colors: green, pink, red, black
Height 40 cm
Seat weight bearing 95 kg
The material of the bases is iron
Upper material: Somite and Nano fabric
Length 45 cm
Width 35 cm
Product type: folding chair/structure table, fiberglass table
Electrostatic painted pipe
_The thickness of the pipe is 20 x 80
It has three areas of foam…
7. Retaining spring
– Comes with cover
Suitable for travel and garden…
_LV and waterproof fabric

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