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camping chair

Folding camping chair

The FUR Highlander Folding Camping Chair is a compact, foldable, portable and very sturdy chair with an integrated mesh cup holder that keeps drinks within easy reach.
This chair is designed to ensure your comfort and has a comfortable seat that provides you more comfort. The ability to be folded and set up easily and quickly should also be added to its advantages. This chair supports about 100 kg of weight.

About folding camping chair
This travel chair is used for all kinds of camping, off-road, nature tourism, etc. Assembling and setting up the chair only takes a few moments. This product has high strength and durability.
The folding and light weight of this chair makes it easy to set up and carry. Thanks to the folding design and convenient carrying bag, this folding travel chair is easy to store and transport.
The softness and comfort of the fabric of this chair has made this product one of the most popular camping furniture accessories. A cup holder is installed on the right handle of this chair to put your bottle or glass in it. Plastics are also made under the seat legs to prevent them from sinking into the ground.

Among other features of this camp chair, it can be mentioned that it is foldable and compact, as well as fabric handles with the ability to adjust the height.

Pipe 16
Diameter 80
Bearing weight of 100 kilos
Materials used are new plastic
Patterned Sumit and Jodan fabric, Nano
It has different colors
Furnace static pipe color


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